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research group Ljiljana Kolešnik, PL Irena Kraševac Petar Prelog Tamara Bjažić Klarin

doc. Željka Tonković

doc. Dalibor Prančević Artur Šilić Sanja Horvatinčić


doctoral students

Nikola Bojić

Ivana Meštrov

Sanja Sekelj

professional assistants

Irena Šimić, Head of the IAH Documentation and Archival collections; Copyright law specialist

artnet is a research project in digital art history conducted at the Institute of Art History in Zagreb, from 2014 to 2018. Project objective was to explore models of organization and communication embedded in modern and contemporary artist networks. Its initial hypothesis was the claim that there is a definite number of such models sharing the same characteristics, regardless of the geographical location and cultural context in which they operate; if identified, described and explained in terms of analytic patterns, these models could be applied in the research of artist networks at diverse national, regional, transnational and cross-cultural settings.


artnet research group also intended to prove that a diversity of organisation and communication models underlying artist networks operational at the particular art scene, at particular historical moments, are directly proportional to the dynamics and volume of the participation of that art scenes in the international visual culture.

a theoretical framework of the project was informed by the insights of spatial art history, cultural history, theory of social networks, theory of communication, and by the recent theoretical debates in digital humanities.

digital research tools and methods applied at this project were geospatial data analysis, social networks analysis, network visualizations, VR/AR data visualizations, topic modelling and computational text analysis. 


keywords: digital art history, social networks analysis; network visualization; geospatial data visualization, interface design; modern art, contemporary art, digital media art 



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     project objectives 


  • to develop digital research and data presentation tools based on interdisciplinary approach to the object of research and test their applicability in ICT environment on a diverse body of textual data 


  • to develop methods of semi-automatic data retrieval, to develop customade network visualizations, and multidimensional / multi-media visual data presentation


  • to take the advantage of knowledge transfer workshops and establish the connections with the research groups in digital art history with the objective of creating a virtual platform for collaborative research of modern and contemporary art


  • to develop user interfaces facilitating data dissemination tailored according to the interests of different user groups (professionals, students, wider public)


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