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ARTNET team is organizing 

annual international conference Digital Art History - Methods, Practices, Epistemologies,  together with the University of Zagreb University computing Centre, Zagreb, usually held in October of November.

project artnet was conducted along two parallel, and tightly interwoven lines of investigation – a methodological and historiographic one. Transdisciplinary research in methodology, brought together the analytic techniques of Humanities (art history, history, cultural history), Social Sciences (sociology, economy) and Information Science, and was focusing on the development of digital tools for data analysis and multidimensional / multi-media data presentation.

research in history, genealogy and structure of modern and contemporary artist networks, entailed the investigations in their organizational structure, interpersonal dynamics (type and duration of relations among network actors), and in the responses to concepts and ideas shaping the social and cultural context from which they emerged and were operative in.  

data on artist networks, collected both from analogue and publicly available digital sources, are stored in the database, which is the core of the Information system CAN_IS.
Data processing is done by the application of CAN_IS built-in tools for network analysis, text analysis, and geospatial analysis, that are available at demand ( allowing for data export in CVS and SVG formats. 

     project outputs


  • information system (CAN_IS) supporting data mining / semi-automatic textual data retrieval from publicly available digitized and digital sources, and providing tools for network visualizations, and spatial data analysis


  • book on project results describing methodology developed in the course of the research and applied in data processing and interpretation (Text Explorer, geospatial data presentation interface, network visualization interfaces, virtual collaborative research platform)


  • repository of material created in the course of artnet project (papers, conference presentations, articles, descriptions of analytic methods and techniques); publicly available data textual, geospatial, and visual data sets, used in the research (IAH data repository)


  • annual conference aiming to initiate continuing discussion on methodological, theoretical, and practical aspects of digital art history 

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